I’m faithfully unfaithfully committed to dance, choreography and philosophy as a way to see, feel and love better. And what I mean by love is an ambiguous kind of knowledge that is necessarily embodied, transformative and involves time and intimacy with things.

I’m interested in language and alternate logics. I often use repetition to deconstruct and de-naturalize meaning. I source material from my kid: I am into the radicality and disobedience of my kid’s sensuousness. Motherhood has affected how I think about the response-ability between host/giver/performer and guest/receiver/audience and the complexity and paradoxes of the identities formed in this relationship of care.

I’m also a theory nerd which I like to think of as a superpower: I seek in it the simultaneity of distance and proximity. I seek ethics in an embodied counterpoint to reading theory: to resist getting lured into only looking at words and not looking at people, at the world, at the aliveness. Words are also shiny objects and I am reminded to look up and around.

As for dancing and dances, I don’t work on developing a personal signature but, like fashion, am interested in how forms come to make sense at a certain time, are shared, and are both personal and impersonal expressions that differentiate while linking together. In a nutshell, I am pro dance, pro risk, pro question, pro joke, pro thinking, pro shutting up sometimes, pro colours, and lots of other great things.